Why I'm No Longer Calling Myself A SPACEHOLDER

unnamed (4).jpg

I had been referring to myself as a spaceholder here, on the podcast, and basically in all of my online (and many offline) spaces.

I chose this word because I fundamentally believe that we are each our own healer, our own coach, our own guide and best teacher.

It felt strange to present myself as a “healer” or “coach,” as the industries around these professions contain threads of professing to have the answer in a way that isn’t wholly empowering + in integrity for me.

And, if I’m honest it was also a way to play small, to stay ambiguous, to not allow my full capacity to anchor in transformation and liberatory ways of being to be seen and valued.

So, the title “spaceholder” has been exactly that, a spaceholder.

And with this September/Virgo/birthday month portal MASSIVE clarity has been coming through about my gifts, and who I’m here to offer them to.

The time has to swap out the ambiguous, deflecting spaceholder energy for a crystral clear naming of who I am and what I’m about.

  • I am Lauryn Miranda (she/hers), a White woman living on Turtle Island in the unceded ancestral lands of the Mechoopda Maidu people.

  • I am the daughter of Northern California pines and the granddaughter of maternal and paternal Açorean immigrants.

  • I am a healer + channel for liberatory people and systems.

  • I call spiritual white folx into intersectional antiracism.

  • I podcast and write on the weaving together of healing, justice, and liberation.

  • I am a lover of the Wild, a devotee of the Divine, and a seer of new possibilities.

  • And I am commited to always learning, deepening, making mistakes, receiving, and evolving in all areas of my life and work.

It feels so good to be this clear, after months of seeking + coming deeper into my path.

May we all feel alive and aligned in the work we came here to offer.