Let's Talk About Social Media Activism


I love coming to online spaces like Instagram to learn from others, to get updated on movements that matter to me, to support the work of public intellectuals in the realms of justice/liberation, and to catalyze how I am called to SHOW UP in alignment with intersectional antiracism and decolonization.

But, I wonder, do I sometimes read, repost, and write in a way that funnels energy away from offline activism and systemic change?

Is the way I engage here getting me + others (especially those who are most oppressed) free?

Does all this online stuff we do matter?

As with most things, it’s a BOTH/AND for me.

How I spend my time online, who + what I give my attention to, the messages + content that I share with others - it can all contribute to this global collective effort to usher in deeper healing + more expansive liberation.

And yet, if this is all I do I’m missing an opportunity for more and perhaps even doing harm.

I come here to be catalyzed, then I log off activated to take concrete steps towards creating the liberatory communities, systems, + world I know are possible.

This really come up for me around the atrocious appropriation of indigenous culture perpetrated by Dior + their new Sauvage line. Yes I was horrified. Yes it was important to talk about. Yes I probably wouldn’t have known about it without social media.

But rather than post + repost, adding to the frenzy, I chose to step back and evaluate how I have or haven’t been relating to indigenous folx where I now live.

I learned more about the Mechoopda Maidu whose land, health, and way of life was all but destroyed by westward bound, gold rush lusting settlers. I committed to inquiring about a land tax with local tribal leadership and showing up at their next public event to see if/where my support + solidarity is needed.

This is how I am allowing what sparks my sacred rage online to fuel aligned action for justice + offline.


We MUST weave the online and offline realms for true transformation. Am I right?