September Musings

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This Virgo season/September portal has got me feeling curious, curious about how I structure my days 🌿

how I create space for everything that wants to flow through in the offline and online realms 🌿

how I expand my container to hold space for the integration of healing and liberation, especially for folks who benefit from Whiteness and have the privilege to bypass the collective reality in their spiritual practices 🌿

how I can commune with my ancestors more deeply and unravel the complexities of what it is to be here on Turtle Island in a body raced as White and made from the multiethnic Açores islands🌿

how I can step up and step into my intuitive gifts more fully🌿

and how I take good care of myself along the way 🌿

and as a virgo celebrating 26 laps around the sun this now, now feels like an extra potent time to rebirth, renew, realign, and reinvigorate myself for the new year of life ahead!

what’s calling to you this month?