Casting Your Light with Laura Leclaire

Laura LeClaire is a gifted shamanic priestess and mother whose mission is to support others to bring more of their Light into the world and live in their full power.  

In our conversation we dive into:

-Laura’s experience growing up without support for her interests in healing and magic

-How the birth of Laura’s son and moving through postpartum depression catalyzed her awakening

-How everyone can connect with their guides, ancestors, and highest self

-Laura’s online community, The Lightcasters Academy

-Collective awakening and global ascension through shadow work and interconnectedness

-How we all have the capacity to be psychic and how the psychic senses manifest in our lives

-Navigating family members who aren’t fully supportive of our intuitive gifts

Connect with Laura

-Instagram @_laura_leclaire_  


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Connect with Lauryn

-Instagram @laurynmiranda