Grounding and the Energetics of Eating with Elise Marie

Elise Marie supports others on their journeys of healing and holistic living through the practices of energy work and plant-based nourishment. Her vulnerability, passion, and vision for a world where we are all more connected to Earth are truly inspiring.

In this episode Elise shares openly about:

-the process of soul growth that began during a dark and challenging time in her life

-the power of grounding and the science behind the benefits of connecting our bare feet to the earth

-Elise’s journey of healing and transformation after the loss of her father

-her practice of energetic healing

-how she connects with her father beyond the veil

-the way our food impacts us on an energetic level

Find Elise at:

-Instagram @soulhappie


-The Healing Benefits of Grounding the Human Body

-Affordable Grounding Mats

-Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment

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