Welcome to Season 2 || Podcast Rebirth

Welcome to Season 2 of HEAL + LIBERATE!  

In this intro episode, Lauryn shares about:

* The re-birthing of the Today I Am Podcast, and why this space is now HEAL + LIBERATE

* Her creative pause a month ago and recent transitions in her life

* Living in the forest near her hometown 

* Stepping into healing and community organizing work as Paradise recovers from last November’s wildfire

* Why exploring the interection of personal healing and collective liberation is ESSENTIAL on the planet right now

* Holding space for community through bi-weekly Zoom gatherings of the HEAL + LIBERATE Collective

* A bonus episode featuring Lauryn’s interview on The Shine Your LIght Show with Maggie Moreland

* Next week’s episode with Lauren Elizabeth on ancestral remembrance and healing the witch wound

Episode 6 | Loss and Resilience

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* @laurynmiranda

* laurynmiranda.com

* hello@laurynmiranda.com

HEAL + LIBERATE is a podcast and community dedicated to nurturing personal healing and catalyzing collective liberation.  Lauryn Miranda shares her conversations with visionaries, activists, healers, artists, change makers, and inspiring humans who are creating inner and outer change for a more vibrant, just, and liberated world.

Topics that we explore include: ancestral reconnection, energy medicine, trauma healing, intersectional justice and liberation, mental health, Earth-honoring, ritual and ceremony, race and privilege, womb sovereignty, grief, self-development, magic and intuition, building community, new paradigm leadership, plant medicine and herbalism, creativity, self-empowerment, and nurturing the life your soul came here to live.

Lauryn Miranda is a Northern California-based spaceholder, writer, podcaster, healer, and birthkeeper who seeks and embodies healing + liberation for herself, her lineage, her community, and the world.