Holding Space for Vulnerability, Connection, + Millennial Greatness with Cat Lantigua | COMMUNITY + BELONGING Mini-Series Part Two

Cat Lantigua is a vibrant leader dedicated to the holding space for conversations that matter and supporting the well being of her fellow millennials.  She uses her podcast, Chats With Cat, and her online presence to spread awareness about issues affecting our generation, highlight powerful women entrepreneurs + leaders, and share her personal experiences with openness and courage.

Episode Highlights

-The freedom of living as our true selves

-How Cat’s podcast was born from her desire to express her vulnerability and help others feel less alone

-Building micro-community

-Defining success for ourselves

-Enabling millennial greatness by holding space for authentic connection

-How Cat started Goddess Council out of the desire to build truly supportive friendships

-Overcoming shame around self-image by learning she isn’t navigating it alone

-How sharing our truths liberates both ourselves and others

-Understanding family trauma and healing our lineage

-The lost history, trauma, and beauty of Cat’s Caribbean heritage

-Loss of culture and assimilation in Lauryn’s family and how she calls in her ancestors

-How Cat is creating a podcast exploring Afro-Latinidad and her grandparents’ stories

-Getting paid for creative work and turning passion into a career

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