Reclaiming Birth, Community, and Wild Woman Ways with Emilee Saldaya | COMMUNITY + BELONGING Mini-Series Part One

Emilee Saldaya is the founder of Free Birth Society, and the host of the Free Birth Podcast, which shares personal narratives of women birthing in power away from the oppressive medical model that has monopolized childbirth in the past century.  

She has been a Birth Keeper for 15 years, and after attending hundreds of births in every environment imaginable, she became quite intimate with the many ways in which the medical model of care is failing the vast majority of women and children.
As Emilee prepared to consciously conceive her own child, she knew her safest and most powerful option would be to manage her own care during pregnancy and freebirth her baby.  She started networking the thousands of women around the world making autonomous birth choices via a private online community designed to offer support to free birthing women. Her daughter was freeborn last year on Maui, Hawaii.

Episode Highlights

-Emilee’s process of coming to understanding authentic birth

-Free birth as birth unhindered, outside the industrial medical system

-How patriarchy has sabotaged birth

-Centering birth as a natural event that all mammals experience largely complication-free

-How we would see a different earth if all women felt empowered and safe

-How change can happen quickly and powerfully when women talk and connect

-The shadow side and learning curve of stepping forward as a leader and public figure

-The power of re-establishing sisterhood in our current society

-Creating safe and nurturing community in virtual spaces when we don’t have a road map

-Filling up our cups in community so we can return to the world as radical advocates for change

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