Self-Honoring in Business and Life with Robin Scott | MONEY + CAREER Mini-Series Part Four

Robin Scott is the diarist behind and she supports empaths like herself to understand their abilities, set strong boundaries, and find and live their calling.  She is also the founder of Empaths in Business, a 6-week course to teach empaths to know and ground their gifts and abilities and learn to sell them authentically.

I felt truly inspired by my conversation with Robin. She’s walks her path with deep authenticity, and gives others permission to do the same.

Episode Highlights

-Giving ourselves permission to be different moment-to-moment

-Being willing to be new, to be a beginner, and validate ourselves first

-Robin’s path to reclaiming her empathic gifts and her journey of self-honoring

-Her experience of social work school overwhelming her system

-How she began writing and created

-Drawing on both masculine and feminine ways of being in business

-Knowing what we are here to offer and trusting the magnetism of our gifts

-Healing wounds of martyrdom and persecution

-Filling our own cups first

-Knowing where we are leaking our power and putting boundaries in place

-The power of speaking our dreams out loud to each other

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