Shifting How We Think, Act, and Feel About Money with Shannah Compton Game | MONEY + CAREER Mini-Series Part Three

Shannah Compton Game is a Certified Financial Planner who is on a mission to change how we all think, act, and feel about money with her podcast, Millennial Money.  On Millenial Money, Shannah creates a space where money isn’t a taboo topic - she shares ways to reduce financial stress, create financial independence, and be empowered with solid financial literacy to achieve any goal.

I really enjoyed my conversation with Shannah!  She offers a down-to-earth and empowering approach to money that is both supportive and actionable.  Make sure your tune into her podcast if you enjoy this episode!

Episode Highlights:

-The skills Shannah learned when she created her first business at 19

-How Shannah’s early experience of divorce pushed her to hone her financial literacy

-Why we could be talking about money with our friends

-How our upbringing and past impacts how we relate to money

-Getting clarity on where we spend our money to make meaningful shifts

-Ongoing awareness of our money rather than quick tips to “save more” or “spend less”

-Money dynamics that are unique to women

-Money and the millennial generation

-Shannah’s mission to heal herself in 2019

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