Taking Inspired Action Towards Your Money + Career Goals with Avani Miriyala | MONEY + CAREER Mini-Series Part Two

Avani Miriyala is an insightful business coach for freelancers and the host of the 6-Figure Freelancer Podcast.  She began her career in the tech industry as a user experience designer, shifted into working for herself as a freelancer, and now is scaling her business - Avani Miriyala Strategy + Design.  I loved Avani’s energy in our conversation and all of the real, actionable insights she offers. Even if you’re not a freelancer, this episode will definitely inspire you to take action towards your money + career goals!

Episode Highlights:

-How Avani has combines intention and aligned action to succeed

-Adopting a mindset of abundance and getting comfortable talking about money

-Pricing, knowing your value, and the mistake Avani made at the start of her freelance career -Why younger generations are valuing freedom, autonomy, and location independence over the American Dream

-Avani’s methods for shifting into abundance and having a positive relationship with money

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