Getting Clear on Our Personal Money Funkiness and Embracing Self-Worth with Marley Jamason | MONEY + CAREER Mini-Series Part One

Marley Jamason is an intuitive business coach and energyworker who supports solo entrepreneurs to reach next-level success by ditching the hustle and realigning to their soul’s unique blueprint.  In our conversation, Marley and I explore the intersections of money and self-worth, as well as practices to get clear on our personal beliefs around money and embrace more supportive mindsets.

Episode Highlights:

-Overcoming conditioning and life experiences that teach us to not be our authentic selves

-What Marley realized about her internalized money beliefs when she began her journey of entrepreneurship

-Money as it relates to self-worth, visibility, and patterns of self-sacrifice

-How existing in a capitalist structure teaches us that we have to produce in a certain way to be worthy of compensation, which creating internalized money and self-worth “funkiness”

-Marley’s practices for uncovering the mindsets and conditioning that are limiting your growth

-Lauryn’s recent exploration of self-sacrifice patterns in her own soul evolution

-How the healing work we do impacts our lineage backward and forward, both from a spiritual perspective and scientifically via epigenetics

-How supporting our nervous system allows us to pursue our career and money goals

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