Activating Healers and Healing Activists to Dismantle Racism and Co-Create Liberation with Kelly Elizabeth + Kelly Germaine of Energetic Justice

This week on HEAL + LIBERATE, I take a deep dive with Kelly Elizabeth and Kelly Germaine of Energetic Justice into the movement they are stewarding to activate healers and heal activists as we dismantle racism and co-create liberation.

Kelly Germaine is a somatic trauma therapist and intersectional anti-racist trainer, and Kelly Elizabeth is an energy healer and sustainability strategist. Their shared name means warrior, and their shared mission is healing activists and activating healers. They are modern, mystic, magic makers showing up to bring people together in the reality that we can no longer organize without healing, and we can no longer heal without organizing.

The Kellys and I discuss:

*How the 2016 election lit a fire in the Kellys to integrate anti-racism work with trauma-informed energy healing and somatics to catalyze white folks in the movement for liberation

*The creation of race and understanding how Whiteness lives in white folks’ bodies as disconnection from the lower body, politeness, saviorhood, and martyrdom

*How ORIENTATION channeled through Kelly E and Kelly G in a relational and co-creative way 

*Confronting spiritual bypassing, “color blindness,” and fragility in white New Age spaces and finding a messy middle way between the polarities of “we are all one” and identity politics

*The developmental stages of coming to antiracism work as a white person

*Being with our trauma responses as we engage justice work

*Why race neutral solutions won’t get us free

*Becoming an embodied ancestor in the movement to end white body supremacy

*The need for joy and fun in our movement communities of love and resistance

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