Tending to the Edges of Our Hearts, Grief, and Inner Mothering with Dr. Nandi Hetenyi

How do we tend to our grief and wounding in a way that brings us true healing?

In the newest episode of HEAL + LIBERATE, Dr. Nandi Hetenyi and Lauryn Miranda explore:

*Healing as movement towards wholeness

*Why healing isn’t fixing, and the shadow side of new age/personal development spaces

*Inner mothering and allowing ourselves to be human

*Nandi’s background as a psychoanalyst

*Her awakening to alcoholism as a “spiritual illness” in Jung’s words

*Reconnecting to Spirit’s generous love in embracing our wounds

*Aligning with the elemental feminine and transmuting the death mother

*How death mother energy manifests in the collective

*The oneness of grief and love

*Allowing grief to remake us alchemically

*Moving from the cognitive mind into the body

*The body as our inner child and wisdomkeeper

*Transmuting intergenerational trauma into something life-affirming

Dr. Nandi Hetenyi is a psychospiritual healer, teacher and writer with a doctorate in clinical psychology. She’s carved her own path based on over 25 years of clinical experience along with an equal time studying and practicing Buddhism, yoga, meditation, dream work, shamanic and energy healing. After a dark night of the soul, she recovered herself from addiction and experienced an awakening to her soul, Through her healing, she fused her knowledge of psychology and spirituality to create an innovative approach for healing wounds of the soul, including mother wounding, trauma, addiction and shame

Connect with Dr. Nandi Hetenyi:

Website : www.sacredalchemyhealing.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sacred_alchemy

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HEAL + LIBERATE is a podcast and community dedicated to nurturing personal healing and catalyzing collective liberation.  Lauryn Miranda shares her conversations with visionaries, activists, healers, artists, change makers, and inspiring humans who are creating inner and outer change for a more vibrant, just, and liberated world.

Topics that we explore include: ancestral reconnection, energy medicine, trauma healing, intersectional justice and liberation, mental health, Earth-honoring, ritual and ceremony, race and privilege, womb sovereignty, grief, self-development, magic and intuition, building community, new paradigm leadership, plant medicine and herbalism, creativity, self-empowerment, and nurturing the life your soul came here to live.

Lauryn Miranda is a Northern California-based spaceholder, writer, podcaster, healer, and birthkeeper who seeks and embodies healing + liberation for herself, her lineage, her community, and the world.