Lineage, The Witch Wound, and Reclaiming Our Power with Lauren Elizabeth

In this episode, Lauren Elizabeth + Lauryn Miranda explore the tender and potent medicine of knowing our lineage, grieving what our ancestors have suffered, and choosing to heal the witch wound to reclaim our personal power and support collective liberation.  There was a time when it was not safe to be magical, to offer healing, to share our medicine - our bodies remember the violent suppression of “witches” and carry this intergenerational trauma.  We have the choice to reclaim our roots and rise as changemakers.

Lauren Elizabeth was born and currently lives on Colonized Pomo Territory, also known as Sonoma County. She studied Religious Philosophy and Personal Spiritual Experience at San Francisco State University, and has been working as an Empowerment Coach and Business Mentor since 2014.

Recently, her work has come to focus on Collective Liberation by supporting Soulful Business Owners and Healers to bring their work into deeper alignment with their vision for their community. She believes that coming back into right relationship with the Ancestors, the Earth, and the Soul's unique purpose is key to creating change, and laying the foundation for a New World.  Her mission is to contribute to a system that serves the people and is founded on Liberation, Justice and Spiritual Awareness. 

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HEAL + LIBERATE is a podcast and community dedicated to nurturing personal healing and catalyzing collective liberation.  Lauryn Miranda shares her conversations with visionaries, activists, healers, artists, change makers, and inspiring humans who are creating inner and outer change for a more vibrant, just, and liberated world.

Topics that we explore include: ancestral reconnection, energy medicine, trauma healing, intersectional justice and liberation, mental health, Earth-honoring, ritual and ceremony, race and privilege, womb sovereignty, grief, self-development, magic and intuition, building community, new paradigm leadership, plant medicine and herbalism, creativity, self-empowerment, and nurturing the life your soul came here to live.

Lauryn Miranda is a Northern California-based spaceholder, writer, podcaster, healer, and birthkeeper who seeks and embodies healing + liberation for herself, her lineage, her community, and the world.