018 | Stepping Into Our Multidimensional Power with Damaris Hardy | THE UNSEEN Mini-Series Part Two

Damaris Hardy is vibrant and gifted intuitive, channel, and multidimensional catalyst for entrepreneurs, starseeds, and lightbringers who are on a mission to share their gifts and step into their power.  I was drawn to invite Damaris to the podcast because her magick runs deep and she shares about ethereal topics in a grounded and relatable way. Our conversation was lively and empowering - I know you’ll enjoy it!

This is a great episode for people who are:

  • Opening up to their intuitive gifts (we all have them!)

  • Want a grounded perspective on 5D reality, past lives, and higher states of consciousness

  • Creating soul-aligned businesses

  • Want motivation to claim their authenticity and power

In our conversation, we dive into:

  • The magick that runs in Damaris’ lineage and how being raised in mainstream Dutch culture was isolating for her as a child

  • How her three pregnancies and births have opened up her energy field and heightened her empathic gifts

  • The multi-dimensional nature of who we are

  • Balancing shadow work and self-love practices

  • Why past life work needs to honor both our light and our darkness

  • How individual multi-dimensional healing can support movements for social change

  • Fake spiritual consciousness and why the world needs our authentic gifts now more than ever

  • Why Damaris sees businesses as multidimensional beings with their own unique purposes and energy signatures

  • How healers and spiritual entrepreneurs have a tendency to overgive and undercharge

  • Claiming what makes you unique a stepping into your personal power  

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