Moving Through Pain and Living Supported by Spirit with Shelly Ayers | THE UNSEEN Mini-Series Part Three

Shelly Ayers is a vibrant and relatable spiritual practitioner who integrates a variety of modalities - including spiritual counseling, energy healing, angel mediumship, and oracle card readings.  Her goal is to support others to find deep peace and healing by living from a place of empowerment and connection to Spirit.

What I love about Shelly’s work is the way that she offers practices that may be considered by some as “woo-woo” in a way that is completely true to her, down-to-earth, and approachable. The second half of this episode includes angelic messages for listeners and a guided meditation for healing and protection. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights:

-How Shelly found true authenticity by answering her soul’s call and releasing the fear of what others think.

-Shelly’s path of deep connection to Spirit in childhood, and how she explored many spiritual practices as an adult, ultimately leading her home to her innate gifts, which she channeled into angelic mediumship

-Relying on Spirit’s guidance rather than seeking external validation

-How spiritual practice has supported Shelly to survive trauma and find support and courage

-Experiences of pain and change as calls from our soul, and not fearing our vulnerability

-How you can personally connect with Spirit and angels in your daily life

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