Composting and Blossoming | A Reflection and Guided Meditation for Spring

Happy Spring Equinox (for my Northern hemisphere friends), and happy astrological new year to everyone! Join me for a reflection and guided meditation to support you in this season of transition as you compost what is no longer serving you and create space for new life to blossom.

In this episode Lauryn shares:

-why you didn’t receive a new episode last week (it has to do with the power of intuition!)

-the beauty of honoring our flow and not pushing against our current energetic state

-inhabiting this liminal space between Winter and Spring

-how I have been in a deep process of releasing old emotions and opening space for new growth

-a guided meditation that is part visualization, part energy exercise  to support your personal process of composting the old and inviting in new blossoming

Questions for reflection:

What in your life needs to be composted?  What is no longer serving you?

What blossoming are you calling into your life?  Where are you ready to invite in new life and new possibilities?  

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I’ll be back next week for part three of The Unseen Mini-Series a conversation with spiritual guide and angelic medium Shelly Ayers.

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