The Intelligence and Resilience of Our HeartMinds with Worthy Stokes | THE UNSEEN Mini-Series Part One

Worthy Stokes is a gifted meditation teacher whose experience of trauma and contemplative healing has made her a leader in trauma-informed mindfulness.  She guides others into deep mind-body intelligence through her HeartMind Meditations, which weave together neuroscience and ancient spiritual truths. Worthy embodies deep compassion, presence, and the miraculous capacity of our body intelligence to heal and come more fully alive.

In our conversation, Worthy and I explore

-How true authenticity asks us to be fully present with all of our experiences and emotions

-How fatigue after high school led Worthy to work for a year in the wilderness in Montana and embrace the silence and intelligence of nature

-How Worthy’s practice of silence and surrender sustained her when she found herself in the ICU recovering from a traumatic brain injury and Near Death Experience

-True mindfulness as being tuned in to what’s real and slowly down to greet others

-Worthy’s choice to “love what she had left” and honor her mind as her living, thinking, feeling ally

-How mainstream mindfulness language around developing “no-mind” and “quieting the mind” is actually violent towards our mind’s beautiful intelligence

-Worthy’s exploration of heart intelligence after her cognitive mind was compromised, and how she created HeartMind meditations with devotion and the desire to heal herself

-How you can join Worthy on a guided 10-day HeartMind journey into the oracle of you

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