Embracing the Dark and Living Aligned with Arizona Bell and Morgan Garza

Arizona Bell and Morgan Garza are the co-founders of Spirit Guides Magazines and podcast hosts of Spirit Guides Radio. Their mission is to “chart new maps for old souls,” and they accomplish this by sharing conversations with spiritual leaders, curating cosmic products and services, and sharing travel articles with a mystical lens.

In our conversation, we dive into:

-The synergy of creativity and spirituality

-How grief motivated Arizona and Morgan to choose more aligned paths

-Transitioning from corporate careers to launching Spirit Guides

-Self-worth, authenticity, and flow in business

-Why Arizona and Morgan reject “lightwashing” and embrace the shadowy aspects of life

-What New Age philosophies are missing

-How we are collectively expanding our consciousness

-The interconnection of technology and modern spirituality

-What the three of us are calling in for 2019

Connect with Arizona and Morgan

-Spirit Guides Magazine

-Spirit Guides Radio

-The Cosmic Collective


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