After two heart-expanding years living and working in San Salvador, El Salvador, I returned to California in December 2017 with the desire to continue supporting the communities that I journeyed alongside during my time there.  

I am excited to share that $5 of every Live Your Soul Purpose Journal + Planner purchase will support the Women’s Empowerment Project of Programa Velasco, an outstanding non-profit child development and family services center located in San Ramon.    

San Ramon is an urban community in Mejicanos, San Salvador that has a rich legacy of community organizing.  Like, many under-resourced areas of the country, the community is impacted daily by realities of gang violence and lack of access to the formal economy.  The Women Empowerment Project of Programa Velasco supports women living in this context to actualize their entrepreneurial visions and improve their family’s quality of life.  

Lilian is one of the participants in the Women’s Empowerment Project who became a close friend during my time working in the community.  She entered the program with the vision of opening a yoga center for children, and in order to fund that larger dream she worked tirelessly to create and launch a beautiful line of all-natural skin and beauty products.  Just last month I received an update from her that her products are know available in a popular local artisan shop - hooray!

I am deeply passionate about the Women’s Empowerment Project and hope you will join me in supporting these powerful women and their work!

Lilian & Lauryn

Lilian & Lauryn

About the Women’s Empowerment Project

Programa Velasco’s Women’s Empowerment Project (WEP) educates and empowers women entrepreneurs personally and professionally to achieve economic independence and create more gender equality in their lives. As a comprehensive, two-year model, the WEP promotes women’s education and leadership by investing in training through workshops, mentorship, and mental health support. The WEP is an alternative pathway to economic independence for entrepreneurs in the urban community of San Ramon, an area outside of San Salvador that is particularly vulnerable to gang violence, poverty, extortion, and cross-generational trauma.

About Programa Velasco

Programa Velasco's mission is "to educate and empower children and entrepreneurial women in El Salvador to build strong families and create better futures." Since Programa Velasco was founded 11 years ago, this mission has been lived out by increasing access to early childhood educational opportunities and personal and professional support services for marginalized families impacted by social violence. By providing knowledge, tools, and resources for psychological and social well-being, we aim to interrupt generational cycles of poverty and build peaceful community.

Visit the Programa Velasco website to learn more!