Welcome to my newest offering.

This is for your journey of becoming, the evolution of your soul,

the expansion of your mission, and the nourishment of your heart.

Words have always been my superpower, my connection point,

my way of making meaning and aligning with Spirit.  

I write my soul deep.

I speak my dreams aloud.

I sing chants that only I know.

I weave unseen realms of transformation as I write.

THE Inspiration

In the summer of 2019, an idea came through like a lightening bolt:

To create custom channeled audio affirmations that hone in on exactly what your soul needs to receive, for your personal healing and our collective liberation.

I felt a full body yes to this idea spark, and I experimented by creating audio affirmations for my friends.

The medicine that channeled through me. and the overwhelming response I received from those I channeled for

amazed and empowered me with awe, gratitude, and a conviction that this offering is meant to be shared.

I feel on fire with this word magic,

and ready to open this offering up to all with a full heart.


This is for YOU.

You who longs for more, who dreams beyond the here and now.

You who feels the pulse of ancient wounds, and is devoted to healing your lineage.

You who holds limitless magic, yet wonders how to express all you carry within.

This is for you.

I want to know,

What’s on your heart right now?

Where are you calling in greater expansion?

And where are you feeling resistance to this new evolution of your being?

I would be honored to support your journey of becoming with a devoted offering of

custom channeled audio affirmations.

This experience is part word magic, part energy healing, part personally-attuned meditation, and 100% devotion to your most soul-filled unfolding.


The Process

i receive your responses to a few questions.

What is feeling expansive and life-giving in your world right now?

Where in your life are you feeling resistance, challenge, or a desire for more?

What are 3 qualities that describe your future self, highest self, or true self?

If you could choose one intention to come to fruition today, what would it be?

i hold what you share in ceremony.

i ground myself, call in your ancestors and guides, as well as my own, with reverence and intention. i open myself to receive, sitting in devotion to your highest healing and most expansive liberation.

i channel the words I receive into writing, and i record audio affirmations full of loving and catalytic energy.

this is how words and healing energy alchemize, through the activating power of voiced intention.

i share your custom channeled audio affirmation bundle with you as we enter the new moon portal.

you will receive

*a short audio of your channeled affirmations

*a long audio that repeats your affirmations with music

*a text version of the words that came through for you

This offering is cyclical, and will re-open with the coming full moon September 12th-16th.

you will receive your bundle on or before September 28th, the following new moon.




Connect with me at hello@laurynmiranda.com

or via this contact form

to begin co-creating your affirmation magic.

I’m not about the impersonal checkout pages ;)

i offer sliding scale pricing beginning at $80 and am open to trades with the intention of making this offering accessible and mutually nourishing for all.





Want to be notified the next time this offering opens?

download your FREe “healing is my birthright” channeled audio affirmations here

to support you in the meantime, and be the first to know when the offering portal opens with the next lunar cycle.