Thank you for your openness to joining me on HEAL + LIBERATE. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have further questions after reviewing the details below.

the show’s spirit and my own

I see podcasts as energetic spaces that connect us, catalyze us, and build community across time and space.

Learn more about the vision of HEAL + LIBERATE and topics we explore on the show here.
I embrace my role as your host and conversation partner to create a safe container, ask thoughtful questions, and hold you with intention in a way that allows your authentic self and stories to shine.

I often receive feedback from guests that they were able to express themselves with new depth in our conversation, which always leaves me feeling so honored and inspired to continue in this work.

how we can co-create

When I record with guests, I lean into my intuition and ask questions with focus and intention. That being said, I also like to identify a topic together, and I invite you to share any key questions or subpoints that you definitely want to explore. I would love to know what topics are alive for you right now!

And, if you’ve been on other podcasts, I’ll tune into those episodes to ensure our recording highlights a distinct aspect of your work and presence.

the logistics


The recording time slots are for 70 minutes - sometimes my interviews with folks are 30 minutes and sometimes they are over an hour - it’s flexible depending on where we flow and what your schedule looks like. Let me know if you need a custom start or end time that’s not available in the scheduler. I’m happy to do that for you!

If you’d like a 20-minute chat to connect before recording, please book a check-in.


Interviews typically air within 2-3 months of recording, and I am happy to time the episode release with any big events, launches, or promotions you have coming up.

I do all the usual podcast things like promoting on IG, sharing with my email list, etc - and I would be honored if you do the same.