If there’s one thing I know,

it’s that we need each other.

We need to gather together,

Breathe deeply and connect to Spirit,

Tend to ourselves in community,

Be seen and be heard,

Be celebrated and held.

So that we can live fully alive,

And create the world we long for,

The world our hearts know is possible.

I created the Heal + Liberate Collective

with a simple yet profound vision.

To hold space,

For you and for us,

To live into deep healing

And expansive liberation.

We are here, on this human journey,

To bring forward the fullness of who we are.

All is welcome in this space.

The call is to be fully you,

To reclaim anything that may have been forgotten along the way

And radiate your authentic soul purpose.

I see you walking your path. I honor you deeply,

And I am here to support you along the way.

My deepest intention is for

The Heal + Liberate Collective

To be a space where you feel

Deeply nourished And powerfully catalyzed

To bring forward all you have to offer

To live from your innate wholeness

And actively build a world where  

Healing and liberation

Are realities for all.

If this vision speaks to you,

I invite you to Join the Collective.