the heal + liberate collective

for folx who long to gather and activate at the intersections of personal healing + collective liberation

we live in a time when we must weave our spiritual practice with our pursuit of a more just + free world.

the world is burning, in some places literally, and we have a choice -

do we stay small, keep on with our individual lives, doing our best to get by?

or do we stand up, find our people, and choose to embody our deepest values + most expansive visions for humanity?

i created the HEAL + LIBERATE collective, because I know we don’t get free alone.

we need to gather, online and offline, to be seen, heard, celebrated, nourished, and activated to make the change we long for.

the HEAL + LIBERATE collective is an extension of my podcast by the same name, and is created to be an intimate, nurturing, and co-created space that serves you in your ever-evolving integration of spirit / justice, healing / liberation, the personal / the collective.

your monthly exchange of $23 gives you access to exclusive, custom-designed online circles + workshop spaces created by Lauryn Miranda monthly in response to your input about what is alive for you in the present lunar cycle and how you are seeking support. the online spaces include embodiment, breath, and energy practices, space to share + connect, and channeled shares from me on the themes we explore.

as the collective grows, more offerings will be added for members, including:

  • custom journaling prompts to integrate our monthly collective sessions

  • an audio affirmation bundle channeled for the group in support of our monthly theme

  • extra online events + resources

  • a collective only Facebook group

  • special sessions facilitated by podcast guests

join now to always pay $23, even as we grow + more is shared!


access a past HEAL + LIBERATE collective gathering

shadow / light

embracing the full spectrum

includes guided embodiment and energy practices, group sharing, channeled reflections for the equinox portal, and integration journal prompts.

download the replay here!

where your money goes

when you join the HEAL + LIBERATE collective, your ongoing monthly contribution:

  • allows me to get professional production support from a rad self-employed mama

  • creates financial resources to gift BIPOC and activist guests to thank them for their time + support their work

  • offers me a loving exchange for the time, resources, and energy I devote to producing free podcast + writing content

  • donates to BIPOC led organizations to show our collective commitment to justice + liberation

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the collective is waiting for you, join us!

in love + liberation,

lauryn miranda