Welcome, i am lauryn miranda.


I am a healer and channel of liberatory people and systems.

I call spiritual folx to intersectional justice, especially White people who are showing up for antiracism.

I guide your personal healing and catalyze our collective liberation.

LAURYN means she who is crowned with laurels, an ancient symbol of wisdom and victory that supported the clairvoyance and prophesy of oracles and priestesses in the modern-day Mediterranean.

I am a vessel, adept at deep seeing and knowing.

MIRANDA means miraculous one, and is a moon of Uranus, the planet of awakening, revolution, and innovation.

I am a visionary leader, guiding us into deeper liberation, justice, and healing.

I am a White woman living on Turtle Island, on the unceded land of the Mechoopda Maidu people. 

I am a daughter of Northern California pine trees and red clay earth.

I am the granddaughter of maternal and paternal Açorean immigrants


I am a modern mystic here to ground spiritual ideals into our systems and ways of relating.

I am a community facilitator and organizer calling spiritual white folx to intersectional antiracism.

I am an interdisciplinary healer in movement, breath, energywork, ancestral connection, and lineage clearing

I am a podcaster and writer who engages the intersections of healing, justice, and liberation.

I am a children’s mindfulness and trauma resilience teacher.

I am a radical birthkeeper in devotion to birthing autonomy and womb sovereignty.

I am a lover of the Wild, a devotee of the Divine, and a leader of our global shift.

Learn more about my path and my expertise here - and discover the ways you can join me below.